My husband and I got into this business in a large part because I was concerned about the germs growing in my son's hockey goalie equipment. Especially the glove and blocker.  The odor coming from that glove would make an experienced hockey mom gag!  Actually, it made a lot of experienced hockey moms gag!  And of course, even after multiple hand washings, the smell was still on his hands.  Gross!  Then, I learned that the main cause of that disgusting odor was the bacteria living and breeding in his equipment. Additionally, my son had a small sore on his glove hand.  It didn’t seem to be getting worse, but it had been there for months and wasn’t getting any better! I had heard about MRSA and the more I learned about it, the more worried I got!  Replacing the equipment that he had just broken in wasn’t an option.  He liked the way it worked for him.  I wanted his equipment sanitized and I wanted it done right!  Try as I might, I couldn't find anyone that would sanitize his equipment to my satisfaction. That’s where the idea for Michigan Sani Sport was born.

Be assured that we won’t take short cuts.  We take pride in offering a service that helps create a safer environment for all of us.  We want our customers be happier, healthier, and far less stinky than they were before before the came to us!  Give us a try.  We promise that you won’t be disappointed!


George and Michele Lytle


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